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What is a Recital?

The students end their session by performing a routine at a theatre on stage. It is a very special day, we offer our students a professionally directed performance that allows them to present to their families and friends the results of hard work, dedication and progress.  It is a great opportunity for the student to enhance their performance skills. All students will be invited to perform at this event. This will take place in June. We will have a rehearsal and a performance. This is not mandatory; however we encourage students to participate. The performance is the icing on the cake!

2018 Recital this year will be onSaturday June 23rd from 10:00am-2:00pm at the Pittsburg Creative Arts Building located at 250 School Street. It is right next door to Pittsburg High School. Dress Rehersal will be Friday June 22nd from 2:30pm-6:00pm at the Pittsburg Creative Arts building


Recital Tickets

 Pre-Sale Recital Tickets will need to be purchased by family and friends. The cost will be $17.00 per ticket.  We do not have assigned seating, so tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis. You can purchase recital tickets at the studio.

Children2 years and older will need to have a ticket. 

 Our 2018 Showcase will start at 10:00am  Dancers will not need to purchase a ticket.  The cost for the tickets will cover the cost of the Theatre and programs. Tickets will go on sale June 3rd.  The cost will be $17 presale and $20 at dress rehersal and recital 

Recital Packet: A"Recital Packet"  will be emailed to all the families that have a child performing in the show.  IF you feel we may not have your correct email address, please contact Amber by email.  If Step 2 This does not have an email on file, someone will contact you.  At a later date you will recieve the Showcase Line up via email. At that time please check it over for errors. If we have left anyone out by mistake or if your child's name is spelled incorrectly, please bring this to our attention as soon as possible. We want to correct any mistakes before we send our program to print.


2018 Showcase (Recital) 

With the Showcase so close, it is so very important that your dancer attends EVERY CLASS, EVERY WEEK. We want them to feel as confident as possible when it comes time to perform on stage.


 Will be Friday June 22nd at the Pittsburg Theatre. Dancers will need to be at the theatre by 2:30pm, we will begin promptly at 3:00.

Rehearsal is very important for the children. Some children work well without one but for the most part, if the children know what to expect ahead of time, they are more comfortable when it comes time for the real thing. We can also work out all the bugs that may arise at the rehearsal so we can have a smooth running show!

Dancers must wear their costume(s) to rehearsal but no tights. please make sure dancers hair is up and out of face. Your child's teacher will discuss Hair and Make-up (if any) for the show, pryor to show.

We will rehearse all routines in order of the show line up, excluding the Competition Routines. (Line up will be sent through e-mail at a later date).

 When you arrive at the school, please bring your child to the dressing room area. There will be arrows pointing the way! There will be someone there at the door to check your dancer in. Family members may return to the Theatre and after your dancer has performed his or her last routine, you may pick them up at the dressing room check in and out table. This will be located at the top of the dressing room stairs.



Company Dancers

We will rehearse all Comp group routines during normal class time.  Please dress in your Studio attire with your hair up. All other routines your dancer will need to attend the assigned rehearsal.



Saturday June 23rd 10:00am

PLEASE BRING YOUR DANCER 1/2 Hour before showtime!

Have your dancer dressed in costume, makeup and Hair done for their first or only routine.

The Show will begin promptly at 10:00amand run approximately 2-2 1/2  hours, with two 15 minute intermissions.

When you arrive at the Main Entrance

If you have not purchased a ticket, the box office will be open until the show begins.

1. There will be 2 doors at the Main Entrance. One door will be for the parent or guardian to bring their dancer to and the other door will be for taking tickets.

2. Please bring your dancer to the door marked " DANCER DROP OFF" There will be a Backstage Coordinator at the door so you can check your dancer in and drop him or her off. 

3. At that time the dancer will be escorted to the dressing room by one our volunteers.  Parent or guardian can return to the Main Entrance Door or ticket booth to purchase tickets.

4. Your dancer will wait in the dressing room until he or she is instructed by the Stage Manager to line up for his or her performance. Once the dancer has finished with the performance, they will be escorted back to their assigned dressing room.

5. You can pick up your dancer when he or she has finished his or her last routine. You need to pick them up a the Dressing Room Check In and Out Table located at the top of the stairs leading to the dressing rooms, which are down stairs.  This table is located on the left side of the Theatre, there will be arrows leading the way!

We take precautions for your children's safety. A sign in and out sheet will be at the check in table at both Rehearsal and Showcase.


What to do if your Recreational dancer is in more than one routine.......If your dancer is in more than one routine and will need assistance with costume changes, you will need to enter the dressing rom area to change your dancer. You will be given a name tag to help the back stage Managers know who you are.

The Showcase is designed so that most of the children in 2 routines will have one in the 1st half and one in the second half after Intermission. For those of you that have a dancer in more than 2 routines, or 2 routines before or after Intermission you will most likely be getting up during the show and assisting your dancer with costume changes. We realize this may be an inconvenience for some, but it has been our experience that most children under the age of 10 feel better with MOM changing them.


What happens after your dancer has performed on stage......he or she will go back to the check in area and you can pick them up. We welcome you to return to the audience with your dancer to enjoy the rest of the show, however if you have a toddler, we totally understand if you cannot stay.


Back stage Crazys.............. On the day of the Showcase the backstage and dressing room area might be a little overwhelming and crazy sometimes. With over 250 children in one location for the first 90 minutes, it does takes a VILLIAGE coming together and making it work!!


Very important things to remember ...........................................................................

1. Always put your child's name on the inside of their costume, accessories and shoes.

2. If your child is in multiple routines, it is best to have the other costumes and accessories in a garment bag or dance bag. This bag should also have their name on it along with the class day and time.

3. Gloves, socks, jewelry and other accessories should be put into a zip-lock baggy with child's name on it and stored inside the garment or dance bag.


5. NO VIDEO CAMERAS at the SHOWCASE, REHEARSAL ONLY!!!  We have a professional Video Company filming the shows for your convenience. Order forms will be at the studio before the Showcase and in the lobby at the event.


7. If you need to enter or exit the Theatre please do so in-between performances as a courtesy to others. The door opening and closing is a distraction to the dancers on stage and a person getting up and down during the performance is very distracting to the audience.  REMEMBER- they could be watching their child on stage and won't be able to see them. Also, the vido could have a head or two popping up and it is distracting to the Videographer.

8. If baby is unhappy and crying, we ask that you please step outside for a few minutes to quiet him or her down.

9. If you want to take pictures, please do so without a flash. Dancer's can become distracted with the flash going off. especially the little ones.

10. Before you enter the Theatre, please turn off your cell phones or put them on VIBRATE.

11. Always have your dancer eat light before recital. The heavier the meal the more zzzzzzzzz he or she will be.


Thank you so very much!!



Costumes will need to be purchased for the yearly recital. Parents are responsible for the cost. If a dancer has a combination class, only one routine will be performed and only one costume will be needed.

The costume price will be $75.00. We will collect the money in January after we take all dancers measurements. We will order them in February for the June Recital. We will receive them sometime in May.

Please Note: If there is a balance owing on your account, costumes will be kept at studio until balance is cleared.

The $75.00 is non-refundable, however if you have purchased a costume and cannot be in the recital the costume is yours to keep.

Please be aware that you may have to make alterations to your dancer’s costume. We order most costumes from Dance Costume Companies and the costumes may not be exact measurements.

Tights: Tights will need to be purchased for the yearly recital. Parents are responsible for the cost. The cost is $11.00 for Child, $14 for Adult. We will be collecting fees in March.



Every year before Recital a professional photographer will come to the studio and take pictures of each group in full costume. You are not obligated to purchase any of the pictures, however it is necessary that each student be present on the scheduled day that the pictures are taken.

The photo session will occur on Sunday June 3rd A Picture Line up and order form will be sent via e-mail with the Showcase Packet. You can also go back to top of page to download the Order form and Line Up.


Please see Teacher about hair style and make up (if any).














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